Quick weight loss diet for women

garciniaGarcinia Cambodian – evergreen tree of the family sealers. In South Asia, the fruits of Garcinia been used for centuries in cooking. It is believed that the addition of Garcinia makes food more “hearty and satisfying.” For centuries, this fruit resembling a small pumpkin, prepare a concentrated extract used in South India and Thailand as a condiment for salads, a preservative for fish and as a means of improving digestion.

Herbs for weight loss are particularly relevant now, because herbs help not only lose weight, lose weight, but also to normalize metabolism, get rid of toxins.
The extract from the peel and the fruit Garcinia cambogia has been traditionally used in folk medicine, particularly in the Indian Ayurveda. He gave rheumatism, edema, delayed menstruation, in case of problems with the digestive system, as a means of activation of its operations and a laxative, in the presence of worms and other parasites in benign tumors, as well as for the treatment of dysentery. Cases of toxicity with regular use of Garcinia as food or decoctions were noted. This product is traditionally consumed in large quantities by the coastal inhabitants of South Asia for many centuries.

Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which is made from an extract of the fruit and rind of the Indian fruit called Garcinia Cambodian herbs for effective weight loss. Hydroxycitric acid counteracts enzyme which causes the formation of fatty acids, cholesterol and triglycerides. It helps to lower leptin levels (a substance that triggers hunger) in the blood, helps produce serotonin, accelerates the oxidation of fat and glycogen production, leading to a rapid saturation without artificial stimulation of the central nervous system.

Garcinia Cambodian – the basic steps:
Garcinia Cambodian suppresses hunger
– Hydroxycitric acid helps to normalize blood glucose levels, which is a signal saturation for the brain and helps to reduce feelings of hunger. Hydroxycitric acid inhibits cravings for sweet and starchy foods diet. Thus, Garcinia by affecting the central receptors of the brain, regulates appetite.

Garcinia Cambodian inhibits the absorption of fat

– Hydroxycitric acid, having a similar structure with citric acid retards the transformation of fat into energy, thus inhibit citrate lyase enzyme activity, resulting in fat synthesis is blocked. Suppressing the formation of acetyl coenzyme A, hydroxycitric acid also limits the further synthesis of fatty acids and activates the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates in the liver and tissues, which prevents their deposition.
Garcinia Cambodian stabilizes blood sugar levels
– Thanks to hydroxycitric acid decreases the activity of enzymes that convert carbohydrates into excess visceral fat.
Garcinia Cambodian reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood
– Hydroxycitric acid by blocking the synthesis of fat, prevents the formation of excess cholesterol, improves metabolism and increases the energy balance of the body.
In most cases, food additives, comprising garcinia, contain from 50 to 80% hydroxycitric acid. Considered to be clinically effective dose of hydroxycitric acid from 250 mg to 900 mg three times a day, 30-60 minutes before meals for effective weight loss.

Garcinia Cambodian reduces emotional uncontrolled binge eating boosting serotonin levels
Diet is not always bring the desired results. Psychologists say: 95% of such failures are not guilty Mismatched diet and quality, blame – emotional uncontrolled binge eating.
Serotonin – the hormone of happiness, plays a vital role in a wide range of behavioral functions of the body, including the control mood, sleep and appetite. Studies have shown that serotonin levels are closely associated with food and body weight. There is a significant relationship between increasing serotonin levels in plasma and decrease food intake, reduce weight and increase energy consumption increase. Affecting appetite, increased serotonin levels may also be useful for people who are overweight, faced with emotional problems such as binge eating and depression.
Study participants who took hydroxycitric acid, ate much less food at each meal. Rate reduction portion reaches 30%.

Gartsiniya Cambodian inhibits the production of fatty acids from carbohydrates
GLA inhibits the production of fatty acids, slowing biochemical action of an intracellular enzyme called ATP-citrate lyase. ATP-citrate lyase controls the biosynthesis of acetyl-CoA (carbohydrate-derived building block for fatty acids). Acetyl-CoA is synthesized primarily in the mitochondria of the cell, but when the membrane of mitochondria becomes impermeable to Acetyl-CoA is converted to hydroxycitrate and penetrating through the mitochondrial membrane, is converted back to acetyl-CoA and oxaloacetate.
However, if desired hydroxycitric acid ATP-citrate lyase is inactivated by blocking the synthesis of fatty acids from carbohydrates and their subsequent storage in the liver.
It also activates biochemical changes in the liver that promote fat burning. Deactivating the enzyme, hydroxycitric acid effectively blocks the conversion of starch and sugars into fat, so called hydroxycitric acid inhibitor of lipogenesis (“lipo” – fat, “geneziz” – creation).
But the oxidation of fats in the liver, on the contrary, increased, so that energy metabolism is not affected.
Garcinia Cambodian helps burn fat and reduces the amount of fat in the cell
If we take the fat cells and the gate through which the oil enters the cell, it reduces the amount of hydroxycitric acid in the fat cell. The mechanism is as follows: when a person eats, consumes carbohydrates, the body begins to produce insulin, which opens up fat cells. There, in fat cells, fat starts to act, which is formed from these carbohydrates.
Glycogen polysaccharide molecules which are constructed of glucose units, but have a greater number of branches. This energy reserve of many living organisms, accumulate in the liver and muscles. Hydroxycitric acid karnitinatsiltransferazu activates the enzyme and thus the biosynthesis of carnitine.
Garcinia Cambodian, herbs for effective weight loss, at a dose of L-carnitine (fat burner) does not allow insulin to open the fat cell to the input of fat, but also opens the cell output and burning fat.
After all, even with a small amount of calories in the diet fat will still be produced and enter the fat cells. In this case, the insulin can only burn carbohydrates for energy and to glycogen stored in the liver. Carbohydrates – a source of energy for our body. In addition, they increase the level of serotonin – the hormone of pleasure, accelerate metabolism, help to avoid a breakdown.

So Garcinia Cambodian burns fat, reduces appetite, affect the production of serotonin, reduces sugar cravings.
Man ate Garcinia, in a good mood, he was pleased, he did not want to eat, he seems to be fed, he did not even want chocolate. An increase in the amount of carbohydrates consumed usually occurs because of the stress. All your stress people usually jammed. The amount of serotonin in the use of Garcinia increases, the effect of stress is reduced craving for sweets decreases, generally reduces the number of necessary food.
Work GLA has nothing to do with the effect on the central nervous system (as opposed to drugs such as Meridia, or Reduxine lindaksa), Garcinia Cambodian reduces appetite by “leveling” the blood sugar level and slow assimilation of certain types of carbohydrates.
Garcinia extract promotes that accumulates in the liver glycogen, but blocks the conversion of fat into energy. That is why manufacturers of slimming often write that GLA “can” tame cravings.